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Our service is free, yet occasionally a fee is charged for certain services or business.  Any changes to our fee policy will be posted on the site. Fees may be changed time to time for promotional period or new services.

Please keep in mind that the fees are non-refundable,  you are responsible for paying them when they’re due. If you don’t, we may limit your access to the services. When  the payment is not performed within time frame or fails, we may cancel your account or collecting outstanding fee.


We do not take any responsibility of any contents written by users. This is your responsibility to check the content is correct. The articles or contents must be written by you or have a permission to use which also not to be violated the law. If you do not agree with this, please not to use our service.

You cannot write any defamated articles of other users or reproduce any contents without any consent from others. If we find out your articles doesn’t follow our post guide, we will delete the article straight away.

No porn, illegal gambling or any adult materials allowed.




You must not:

  • any action that violate Australian laws;
  • any sexual, threatening, abusive, defamatory material;
  • false or misleading and infringe of third-party right;
  • malicious act such as sending bulk spam email or sms to our users;
  • any behaviour that harms to our website
  •  reproduce the contents without consent from an owner;
  • access website by using robot spider, scraper or other softwares collect content for any purpose without our permission;
  • harvest  our website to  collect information of our users, including email addresses, phone numbers;



Abusing OiAussie

Please report us if some abuse our service or breach any terms of use. CrazyDirectories will take an action of warnings, terminating service or remove the content whne you creat problems or not acting in accordance to CrazyDirectories policies.

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